Feature request to name individual elements selected as a group

Hello folks. Not sure if this is already a feature or not but if it is, I can’t seem to find it.

If I select more than one element to monitor, I will receive a bunch of values as a list if even one of the elements changes. But if I’m monitoring too many items in a group, it’s difficult for me to remember which value corresponds to what. If I’m tracking a bunch of stock prices for example, I’ll get [$200, $123, $750, …etc] but I won’t remember which price belongs to which stock. Is it possible to assign some text next to each tracked element in a group? Thanks.

Hello @akatsuki1423, welcome to the community forum and thanks for sharing your feature request. There is no easy way to add a content to the monitored text. Is the stock ticker name selectable in that list?

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Hey @Ajitk, thanks for the reply. That gave me an excellent idea actually. Yes, the ticker name is selectable so I can also add that in between each element I want to monitor. It will make the list twice as long, but as my list is pretty small at the moment, it should be fine. Cheers!

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