Feature Request: Sort by URL

There is currently a sort by name. However, I think many people like myself are too lazy to create unique names. Sort by URL will automatically allow monitors for the same domain to get grouped nicely.

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Thanks for sharing the feedback @evolut1010. Is the primary need to group the monitors based on their domain?

To get an idea of the scale, how many monitors do you usually have in your Watchlist? Do you currently sort them by name?

Yes, the main goal is to sort/group them by domain.

Most of the time I have it set to sort by ‘time changed on’ (the default). However, I recently wanted to remove/trim/clean some of my monitors (~50, spanning ~10 domains) and thought this would be useful. I would then switch it back to ‘time changed’ when I finished cleaning.

I usually don’t manually enter a name. So sorting by name just produces a random order.