Facebook continually blocking login via a macro

Trying to monitor a couple of different Facebook pages (latest posts).

I’ve tried using a Profile - but ultimately cookies expire. So instead I’ve set up macros for the login - and then applied this with my monitor. This works well for about 2 days - and then Facebook blocks the login and I’m asked to change my Facebook password.

I’m assuming it’s due to varied IPs with the monitor?

Any tips for getting around this?


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Hello @mywhanau, I am not sure but varied IP address can be an issue. Have you tried using a local monitor for this? If yes, did you face any problem doing that?

Hi @ajitk - thanks for replying. Actually I haven’t tried a local monitor - but purely for the reason (to my knowledge) that it requires the browser to be constantly open in the background - and with our setup, this isn’t feasible.

Got it, thanks for the update. One solution could be to add a proxy to your account that is closer your physical location. The proxy can then be used for the checks. Does that make sense?