Excluded element being re-included involuntarily


I have set up a monitor to track the updates of certain forms in a Court webpage. The monitor name is NSW District Court of NSW > Criminal Forms

As per the screenshot below, an external link icon is present next to the Subpoena for Production, Subpoene to Give Evidene and Subpoena to Give Evidence and Produce. I have excluded the link from the monitor and saved it. However for some reason, the link would be re-included in the monitor automatically. I then tried to exclude it again but it would be re-introduced on its own. This has happened a few times. Is there a way for the external link to be excluded so long as it is marked as excluded in the monitor?


@smokeballaulp - the selections and deselections in the monitor are configured by the selectors. It is possible that the page changes in such a way that the excluded elements are not found any more after the page changed. Can you share the URL so that I can take a look? I will check if there is a better selector for excluding the elemetns.

Hi @ajitk

Here’s the webpage URL Criminal jurisdiction forms and fees

Thank you.

You can use the following selector to remove all of the icons pointing to an external source: