Exact text sentence Match

What condition to create to find the EXACT sentence match ? There is one or two words same in the page but need the exact sentence match to notify, for example “The condition should only notify if this exact sentence is here” to match and notify

Hi @distil145, do you need the text in the monitored content to be exactly the same as the phrase or sentence in the condition?

Let’s take an example to clarfiy if further. Assume that updated monitored text is iphone is on sale. buy it now. The sentence you are looking to match is iphone is on sale. Do you expect to get alerted in this case?

Hello , Correct i am looking for long sentence to match instead of one word. Get an alert for " iphone is on sale right now " for example in the monitored content page. But it should be exact match for the sentence so i won’t get alerted if there is another “iphone” word in the page.

The condition text has iphone is on sale will work. It will look for presence of text in the monitored content and alert if it is found.

Also is there a option choose to look for text that is freshly added so condition only look for updated text ?

Sure, check out Optimizing Alerts with Conditions – Distill

Hi i have the same issue after changing the condition.

When i put text contains : iphone is great

it matches and alerts any other words containing “iphone” or “great” in the page,
i only want the exact sentence “iphone is great” to be alerted , how to do this ? It seems to alert with any word that is matching instead Exact sentence iphone is great ?

The condition will trigger if and only if the full phrase was found. Note when the change history highlights changes, it does so for all changes regardless of what conditions were set.

You can check why a notification was triggered by clicking the bell icon in the monitor’s change history. Please see: https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/using-conditions-to-get-alert-on-important-changes/#how-to-find-out-which-condition-triggered-the-alert

Let me know what you find out.

I found out that “iphone is great” sentence is in the page 3 or 4 times . Is there a way to get notification Only when a New “iphone is great” sentence is entered ? Because it keeps notifying old sentences since samething is already in the page.

You can use “added text” or “net added text” instead of “text”.