Eunknown error when importing CSV

Good morning.

I’m trying to import a CSV file but, when I import and run it, in every link apperas “Eunknown error”. However, when I import it in JSON it works.

What I’m doing wrong? What’s happening?

@inteliens thanks for reaching out and reporting the issue. There are a few validations done when importing monitors using CSV. The most important ones are name, url, and content_type.

As a quick test, can you try to import a smaller CSV file, say with 5 rows, and see if that works? If this also errors out, can you please share the CSV file to help debug this? Thanks!

We figured out that there is a bug in the way monitors are imported using CSV. The default config doesn’t contain any selections. It should get fixed in an update that will be released asap.

We deployed the fix for the webapp at Updates version 3.8.1 has been uploaded to the Chrome web store and should be available in couple of days.

Thank you very much for the support