Error with setting up alerts for Instagram

Hi there,

I’m trying to monitor an instagram profile but I haven’t seem to set this up correctly.

  • Looking to set up cloud monitoring with email alerts
  • Went to the instagram profile
  • Selected monitor full page
  • Checked my watchlist, drop down does not show the Instagram profile I’m trying to monitor. Instead it shows the login screen. Screenshot attached.
  • I don’t seem to be getting any alerts.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

@qwerty10206 Instagram has security features that prompt users to enter a code when accessing their account from a different location or device, so it is better to monitor it locally from your browser.

Here is one config that works for monitoring the post count of a profile:

  "selections": [
      "frames": [
          "index": 0,
          "excludes": [],
          "includes": [
              "type": "css",
              "expr": "[role=\"main\"] header>section>ul>li:first-child span"
      "dynamic": true,
      "delay": 2
  "ignoreEmptyText": true,
  "includeStyle": false,
  "dataAttr": "text"

You can check out the help article: Config and Advanced Options – Distill to know how to view config. Then you can replace your existing monitor’s config with the above config.