Error in macro for checking US visa site


I am setting up the macro to check the site to check for appointment dates. The macro signs into the account appropriately, but then it gets stuck on this page:

Advise for troubleshooting this?

Thank you so much,

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Hello @kstipancic - thanks for reaching and reporting the issue. Can you please share a screenshot of the error in macro recorder after masking the username and password? We will then cross check and get back to you.

cc @vaishnavi02

Hi @ajitk and @vaishnavi02! Thanks for your response.

Please find the screenshot here. Happy to provide any other information that would be helpful.

I really appreciate your assistance!

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Thanks for the screenshot. The step to click failed because it couldn’t find the element in the page. We will check it out and get back to you.

Super, thank you so much @ajitk! I appreciate it. I’ll look forward to your response - I am very eager to continue using Distill!