Enabling Tab Persistence: Don't close after checking

I’ve been trying for a bit to get my tabs to stay up and just refresh on checks, but even with sticky tabs, they pages close and reopen every time. I need them to stay opened, so I can simply switch to the tab and maintain a spot in queue.

How would you set this up? Or is it supposed to work in sticky tabs? (I’m running this in chrome if it matters)

Distill always opens a new tab for the checks and closes it once checks are done. But you could add a “open page in tab” action to the monitor to get something close to what you need. Whenever a change will be detected and conditions are satisfied, the page will be opened in a foreground tab.

I tried that a bit before, but it sells out so quickly, even opening a new tab is too late. If that’s my best option I’ll try that again though.

Thank you