Emacro error, solution not working for USA visa appointment from the UK

I have tried all I could to resolve the e macro but nothing is working, I keep getting errors here and there.

This is frustrating and looks like a waste of money.

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Hi Azeez, thanks for your post here. Distill team including me are here to help. The EMACRO error is shown when any one of the steps required to go the final page fails. This can usually happen because of one of the two reasons:

  1. The page didn’t load correctly.
  2. The page loaded correctly but the page is a new kind of the page that isn’t handled.
  3. Or, the page loaded correctly but the elements’ identifiers used to build selector changed. The steps fail by not being able to locate the elements correctly.

I will try to help figure out what the root cause is and then solve it.

Can you share a screenshot of the page’s snapshot? This will help figure the cause and potential solution. It can be viewed by clicking “View Details” link in the log as shown below.


I have attached the screenshots. I do not think this is working, I would enjoy a refund, please.


No problem @azeez. Go ahead and send an email to billing@distill.io. They can help you with cancellation and refund.