Easy way to view only "Net Added Text"

Is there a setting so that when “Net Added Text” is set, that only the net added text is highlighted in green when you open the preview? As it is now, the added text, and whatever text has been moved around, highlight in green in the preview.

I believe you have to click on the bell and click “show more” under “net added text” to see what was actually added.

Hope that was clear (lol). LOVE the new desktop app. Thanks

The bell icon in change history is the way to find what the net additions and deletions were. We have considered showing them visually in text mode diff. It is slightly tricky to do so we have deferred it for later. Did you face any issue using net added text?

It’s definitely not a big issue, I was just curious. I am loving the “net added text” rule, saving me from a lot of false positives.

Thanks for the feedback @ryan104. We will look at ways to improve visual display of net additions and deletions too in the future. Cheers!