Easier way multiple text conditions? Beyond the 33 limit. Or all in 1 line

I need to add about 300 different /True if matches>any>text>has>“word”/ instances.
Is there a way to add ALL conditions all to one line? The limit is 33 conditions per instance.

Hello @gotloveforall, the regular expression condition can be used to combine multiple keywords into one. For example, if you need to get alerts when two words, Apple and Microsoft, are present in text, following regex can be used: apple|microsoft

When combining lots of words together, it is nice is use an online regular expression editor. One easy to use site regex101.com. Try it out and let me know if you need any help.

No, I need to be alerted when one (or more) words are present.
The amount is capped at 33 Condition lines, is there a way to expand it? OR to fill up all the words on one Condition line.
IE I want to be alerted if “apple”, "orange and/or “pear” are present. Is there a way to use commas or such to separate the words instead of making the 34 separate Condition lines?

The number of conditions one can add is not limited to 33. I just added 50+ conditions as a test. If you are not able to add more, it could possibly be a bug.

Multiple words can be combined as shown below: