E-mail limits for new subscribers


I reached limit of 30 mails on free tier and paid 15$ for next tier but e-mail limit still remains. How is that?

As I can see limit for e-mail is reset on monthly basis, but subscription is renewed on 30 days. So it is. possible to reach 30 e-mail limit on 2nd day of month, pay subscription and have to wait until beginning of next month for e-mail limit to reset. I dont think that is good.

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Hello @itatarevic,

The monthly availability of resources for the month is increased instantly on upgrades. They can be viewed at https://monitor.distill.io/#/usage/availability/. Can you double check this once?

Let me know if you find any discrepancies. Thanks!

Yes link you provided shows 2000 e-mails but I am still getting this red alert in watchlist

This is most likely an old message that can be dismissed. Can dismiss this using the close button at the right most end? Once done it shouldn’t appear again.

Edit: It makes sense to not show the message once the account has been upgraded because it can cause confusion. We will fix this behavior in the next update.