Duplicate alerts occuring because of 'Cookies' pop ups

Hi! I’m monitoring this PR Newswire URL, and keep running into an issue where I get alerted of changes because sometimes the alert includes ‘Cookie List / Manages Cookie Preferences’ and sometimes it does not. I don’t think I have anything included that should include this text - any advice on how to get around this? Attaching relevant screenshots

This is the URL:

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@wkenney usually selecting specific parts of page should only the selected parts. But it appears that the selectors selected element from the cookie popup too. Can you share the selectors for this monitor?

Following selector should work well selecting only the first two news titles:
div.newsCards:nth-child(2) h3
div.newsCards:nth-child(3) h3

These won’t match anything in the cookie popup. As a result, they shouldn’t trigger any false alerts.

When selecting a specific part of page is not an option because one needs to monitor everything in the page, there are a few options:

  1. Monitoring full page but deselecting the cookie popup.

  2. Using a profile: Profiles for Cloud Monitors – Distill. Profiles are typically used to save cookies preferences. Saving preference in this case can help prevent the popup from showing up intermittently.

  3. Some cookie popups and banners don’t save their preferences in the cookie (the irony :slight_smile: ). In those cases, a macro can be used to click the accept button before monitoring the page’s content.

Do let me know what works in your case. It could potentially help others too in a similar situation.


Thank you, Ajit! The second selection was previously div:nth-child(3) and I think using your suggested .newsCards: will fix it.

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