Dropdown menu - Select and monitor available size

I am trying to track the size (10) in this prodcut (Jordan - AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO 'WHITE/LUCKY GREEN-BLACK-ICE BLUE' - VegNonVeg)
Can someone explain what should I do?
I tried clicking on the select size div but how can I set it such that it gives me notification whenever size 10 comes in stock?

Hello @stingyvids, thanks for sharing your use case. Do you need to monitor the list of available sizes in the dropdown to monitor availability of the sizes?

I want to buy size 7 UK and it’s not in the dropdown as it’s not in stock. So, I want to buy 7 UK size. How can I add alert for that?

It involved two steps:

  1. You can monitor the full dropdown menu using the following CSS selector: .dropdown-menu. It will monitor changes to the list of available sizes.

  2. Add a condition added text has 7 to get an alert when the size 7 gets added to the list.

That’s it!

I did the same thing but was not sure if I did it the correct way or not.

Assuming that the selector doesn’t change, it should work. Cheers!