Does data from browser extension come through via the API

I would like to use the Distill API to bring in data from my watchlists into an internal platform. Is there a way to get the data that comes through from the extension onto that same list? This is because there are some sites that I monitor that are normally blocked in the normal watchlist view by Cloudlfare, but are readable via the extension.

the browser extension checks monitors in the personal watchlist. the user owning the personal watchilst can manage the monitors using their api key.

would you prefer to use the extension for this (which is perfectly fine) or a solution that worked in the same watchlist that is being used by the team?

Thanks Ajit! The extension only worked to see content from those affected sites when they were part of a personal watchlist. Would the user need to get a separate API key to access the results from these sites together with the results from the team watchlist?

got it. did you try using premium proxies for these sites to see if they helped?

yes, access key for the user owning the personal watchlist will work.