Distill Mac App Preventing Mac from Restarting


I have a pmset terminal command running on my Mac that reboots my computer at a certain time each day. The purpose is to have a fresh start of my Mac memory every day. Once my Mac restarts, the Distill app automatically launches and resumes its monitoring.

However, the current build of Distill (3.6.12) will not properly quit when the Mac requests a shutdown and restart. Distill gets stuck open and prevents the computer from restarting.

Would it be possible to allow Distill to be quit by this restart command?

Thank you!

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Thanks for reporting the issue @appchasers. Did the app use to quit automatically in the past but stopped doing that in the most recent version?


Hello and thank you for replying. I’ve only been using this method with the latest version of the Distill desktop app.

Hello @appchasers,

Thank you for taking your time and reporting the issue. I tried using the pmset command while keeping the app open as well as a live monitor running and it did a successful restart for me.

Are you getting any message or popups while the restart happens which indicates Distill is preventing the restart? If so, could you please provide a screenshot or the content of the same?

Thank You

Hello and thank you for looking into it. Here is the message I get.

Thank you so much for the screenshot @appchasers. Let me take a look at it and get back to you.