Distill is reporting the current device as being "Cloud - Distill's Servers" when running within a virtual machine

This behavior started sometime within the last few months I think. I am no longer effectively able to use Distill because it’s next to useless when run from within a virtual machine. I used to be able to let it run on my VM of choice and rely on the email notifications. However now there is no option to select the current browser/instance in the VM as the local device. My only options are “Cloud - Distill’s Servers” which it also labels incorrectly as “this device” and another of the other browsers I’m signed into Distill on. I don’t keep any of those computers running 24/7 though, which I why I have this VM set up in the first place. Even when selecting “Any local device (beta)”, it just uses my other local machines to run the update checks, not the instance within the VM. How to I get this to work properly again?

@developstopfix Note that Distill offers web monitoring app for multiple platforms. It can be accessed from multiple platforms: web app, browser extensions, phone apps, and desktop apps. The one you seem to be accessing looks like the webapp. Note that URL of a webapp’s Watchlist starts with https:, an extension’s usually starts with chrome-extension: or moz-extension:.

Can you check if you are using extension’s or webapp’s Watchlist? Steps to go the extension’s Watchlist:

  1. Click Distill icon in the browser toolbar. It should open menu popup. If you don’t see the icon, you will need to install the extension.
  2. Click “Go to Watchlist”. It will open the extension’s Watchlist.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need help resolving this. Hope this helps!