Distill.io VS VisualPing

Hi all,

First of all, I’d like to thank the creators of Distill.IO for their marvellous extension. It’s really uselful to track the changes on the front pages of favourite journals etc

Now I’ve been using Distill for not so long, but decided to try a new extension from VisualPing. Apparently Distill with 200,000 installations is still out of comparison with the later (VisualPing only has about 10,000 installations worldwide yet). But a few things are worth noticing. First of all, I’ve noticed Distill consumes twice the amount of memory consumed by VisualPing (see attached screenshot from the Task Manager), so Distill seems a bit heavier. Secondly, VisualPing doesn’t have the limit on free checks via browser, whereas Distill has set that limit by 25 pages. To me it looks like the competition is pressuring, and Distill will have to adapt. Are we gonna see any new functions from Distill in the near future?


Hello @ah89, welcome to the forum!

At a high level, you would have seen that Distill offers a lot of features and services in the browser extension. That means more code and data is loaded at runtime. That should explain relatively higher memory usage.

We are actively working on the product with every release making the product incrementally better. Were you looking for anything specific functionality?