Distill.io doesn't recognize changes - how to monitor product sizes?

I want to order something from Nike but my size is sold out. That’s why I want to monitor the product with Distill, but unfortunately, no change is being detected. I’m using the ‘Select part of the page’ option and then selecting the button for my size. I’ve also experimented with the settings, but nothing leads to the desired result.

Can someone tell me how to set up distill correctly?


We published a blog post last year to help document the use case of monitoring sizes for availability. Check out: Track upcoming sneaker releases, size restocks, and limited edition drops – Distill

The key is that by default text is monitored for changes. When the text doesn’t change, but the button’s enabled or disabled state changes, monitoring changes to text won’t capture the change.

One can monitor changes to outerHTML property instead. It will capture changes to the selected element’s source. Following doc explains how to configure this using the visual selector:


Hm, thats basically what I did before. All I did was select the button of the size I want. And this guide just selects all sizes that are unavailable. So basically the same. Or am I missing something?

There are two key points in the article:

  1. Only select list of available sizes of unavailable sizes. Not the full list.
  2. Or, monitor the outerHTML property in section Monitoring elements in a web page using outer HTML selector.

Latter one should be the easiest to use. Check out the documentation link I has shared earlier.

thats very technical and I dont really understand your answer but I did what the guide said from Step 1 to Step 6.

I will recommend using the option to monitor the outerHTML. It is easier to use and you can use it for any website. Following screenshot show how to do that: