Distill for Chrome on MacOS Question

Hi there,

New user here. I’ve installed the Chrome extension for MacOS. I set up some alerts to run locally in Chrome. Because I’m monitoring a password-protected website on the Free plan, I feel like this is the best approach for me.

My question is whether I need to have an open Chrome window for the daily check to run. If the application is still open but I have no active windows, will it still run?

Thanks for the support, and Happy Holidays!

Hello @yahooplate_22, Welcome to Distill’s forums.

To answer your question, yes. For the Chrome extension at least one Chrome window needs to be kept open (minimizing the window also works) to run the checks. Keeping the window docked (closed) won’t allow the monitors to run.

Distill’s Desktop app for MacOS (Apple silicon chips) is a great alternative with which you can achieve this. The app can be closed and docked, even then the local monitors will run in the background and send alerts.


Thank you so much @jayakrishnan.