Distill Desktop App 3.9.0

Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that Distill Desktop App 3.9.0 is live with two new features:

  1. Error pages in the custom browser: We have seen users facing issues where the custom browser shows a blank page when the url encounters an error. We have fixed this and now clear error messages are shown to the user for an error url.

  2. Macros upgrade: Macros now utilize the library Playwright which has allowed us to support macro steps like drag and keypress, which were previously unsupported. These steps can be added manually using the action dropdown while creating macros.

Please do try the new features out.
Looking forward to your thoughts and feedbacks.


Does the app auto update or do we have to uninstall and install latest?

Hello @DaDistill ,
You don’t have to uninstall and instal last the app auto-updates.
Once the app is launched (any older version), the app starts the download process and notifies once the download is complete. The next restart launches the latest version of the app.

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