Distill causing Chrome Bookmark problems

For the longest time I’ve been unable to manage the chrome bookmarks. Rearranging, moving, copying and pasting are either super slow or doesn’t work.
After selectively disabling extensions, I was finally able to figure out that Distill is causing issues with the chrome bookmarks.

Attached shows the bookmark without the icons on the left and with the icons after it’s working. Even if you don’t have icons it should show the default the earth (www) icon. No moving works until I disable distill and restart chrome.

The only other solution I could think if is to install Distill on a new chrome profile by itself.

Hi Sammy,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting the problem. I am trying to reproduce the problem. I have a fresh Chrome profile with a few bookmarks and Distill installed. I am able to see the favicons in the bookmarks page. Checkout the following screenshot:

I inspected the icons to see what there URLs look like. Can you try doing that too?

Also note that the extension doesn’t use “bookmarks” permissions. As a result, it can’t affect that page in any way.

It is possible that some other extension is affecting this? Let me know what you find out.