Discord website tracking

I was trying to create a profile with discord access cookies to detect changes on my discord web app account but when trying to log in to get the cookie the remote browser doesn’t show the captcha correctly.
Thanks in advance

@tsalr If the website is showing a captcha, then it can not be monitored in the cloud.
Can you test monitoring the Discord page locally using the desktop app or the browser extension? This will also ensure that Discord account is accessed using your network. Discord is known to prevent an account’s access from unknown IP addresses.

Hi, the captcha is shown just to log in and it’s not required later in the checking process. I would like to try on a local pc through the desktop app but seems like I can’t use macros on it. Do you know how to use macros on the desktop app? I am using a starter plan.

@tslr A macro is not needed when using the Desktop app. By logging in to the Discord web app using the Desktop app, cookies are stored automatically. You can simply continue by creating a monitor. Subsequent checks will use the same session/cookies.

Unfortunately discord asks to log in again every time I want to create a new monitor. Because of this monitoring on discord fails every time :frowning:.
Is there a known workaround for this?