Did you guys change the time deleted monitors stay saved on the trash folder? I lost a bunch of them 🤔

I don’t know if I deleted them by mistake or the extension changed somehow.
It would be nice to have some kind of option to choose when to delete. Only a month seems too little of a Window (for me, at least). And if the trash is local… I’d leave them all saved.

It is like Gmail, monitors in trash older than 30 days are deleted automatically. You can consider exporting them as JSON in case you need some of them back later.

Ok, I understand. Thank you.

So I guess you guys did change the time they stayed in the trash recently…
I was thinking I had deleted them by mistake…
It would be nice to have a warning before a change like this when you lose a bunch of data.


It has always been 30 days for years. What could have happened is that for some period of time, the cleanup cronjob may not have run. But you bring up an important point. We should explicitly mention this in the folder so that it is clear from the outset.

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some period of time, the cleanup cronjob may not have run

Whaaaat!? That is crazy! Because it’s been a loooooong time. :joy::joy::joy:
I honestly thought they weren’t ever deleted automatically because I remember seeing pages and pages of deleted monitors. Months and months…
I’m sorry about the confusion and thanks for the clarification.