Desktop App Sync Timing

Hello, I’ve noticed that when I create new monitors remotely (anywhere other than the Desktop app), and set the device to the Desktop app, the monitors don’t sync immediately. I need to manually click the sync button on the Desktop app. Is this proper functionality? I’m wondering if there is a way to sync automatically as I often create monitors on the go, without access to the Desktop app. Of note, syncing is immediate when choosing a chrome browser extension as the device.

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Hello Eric, the desktop should be able to sync changes to the Watchlist automatically just like extensions do. Distill’s extensions and desktop apps usually wait for 5 seconds once they get a change event and then sync data. This happens using a notification channel that is kept open while the app is active.

In your case, the sync is not happening. That can happen if the notification channel is closed, or it was received but not processed correctly. Couple of questions to help debug this issue:

  1. Can you please share the OS, its version, and the app version?
  2. If you restart the app, does it affect the syncing behavior in any way?

Thanks, Ajit

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry for the delay in responding. I have been out of the country, but back now. The syncing problem remains. Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. Mac OS Ventura 13.4, Distill Desktop Version 3.5.3-alpha
  2. If I quit and relaunch the Distill Desktop app, this triggers the sync. But after that, the sync doesn’t automatically update when watchlist changes are made on other devices.

Got it, thanks for the information. There have been a few updates since then. Can you try updating to 3.6.5-alpha and see if the problem has now been resolved? Thanks!

That works perfectly now. Thanks!