Delayed check with tabs in Firefox


I’ve started noticing when checks are being run in Firefox, the tab will open with the page as normal, but there seems to be a 18-25 second delay before the page in the tab loads, the check runs and then the tab closes. This can delay the total check time by 1-4 minutes.

If I click on the tab when the check runs to view the page, it will load instantly and the check runs as normal.

This seems to be new issue for me. Do you know if there is a setting that is incorrect that I could check?

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@jsweeps it sounds like the page loads faster when the page is active. this usually happens if the page requires the page to be active to work properly. some sites do this as a performance optimization.

can you test out the desktop app to see if it is faster at checks? if it is, it could confirm the behavior.

Thank you for the reply!

Interesting to note, I did try setting it up in Chrome, and there was no problems with the tabs loading without clicking on them. The time between checks went back to normal. I would prefer, however, to use Firefox if at all possible.

I’ll try to use the desktop app soon and see the difference - do you have any thoughts on the difference between browsers?