Data monitoring and overall data output of multiple pages of a single website

The first problem is that the data of the same web site is different when selecting A and B, and when the data in A is selected and the page is switched to B to continue the selection, the previously selected data will change accordingly. How should the data in Selection 1 and Selection 2 be monitored at the same time? The second problem is how to output the overall monitoring data in a unified way to facilitate the next analysis?The third problem is that when the page to be monitored is a pop-up window of a web page, the preview cannot be displayed.

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Each monitor in the Watchlist is capable of getting data from the monitor’s URL. In some cases, it is possible to use a macro to navigate to a different page. Distill can then monitor changes to content in the final page. If there are multiples pages from the website that needs to be monitored, each page can be added to the Watchlist and monitored for changes.

In your use case, I am assuming that A and B are two different pages on a website. Do you need to get structured data (JSON or CSV?) out from those pages to perform analysis?

Distill doesn’t have a way to support monitoring content in a popup right now.

I can output the data in CSV format, but why can some monitoring data be displayed normally in the table, while others are garbled? It should have started a new line in the table, but the result follows the last grid of the previous line.

Can you share the CSV file here or in the DM so that I can understand the display issue?

Excuse me, can I make a data backup and back up all the information monitored by this account to another account?

@bxglb Yes. You can export your Watchlist in JSON and import it to another account.

Help article link: How to Export and Import Monitors? – Distill
Help video link: How to Import and Export Monitors with JSON - YouTube

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