Css modification problem or I don't know

hello, to update my site Alucare.fr i took a subscription to have access to the latest info on the sites. except that on one site in particular there is a problem with css and i get alerts all the time even though there has been no modification :frowning:

here’s a sample image :

hello @alucare, does this content take some time to load on the page? if that is case, can you try increasing the duration to wait for the page to load? check out https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/config-and-advanced-monitor-options/#how-to-wait-for-a-page-to-finish-loading-before-extracting-content.

let me know if it needs further finetuning. note that you can also try using conditions to suppress noisy alerts.

if you wait too long, a popup appears :frowning:

what problem does the popup present? the popups in general do not affect what is monitored if the monitored content is still present on the page.

btw if it can’t be solved by finetuning selections or increasing the delay, you can use a condition to prevent alerts. a text doesn't match any previous text should work well in this case. check out https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/using-conditions-to-get-alert-on-important-changes/#common-use-cases-for-text-alerts

i go to try to wait more long time thanks and see if the popup create problem thanks :slight_smile: