Cookie Message and Local Profile

Ok, how do I circument the following cookie message?

I need to run a macro on a Mexican site and that’s the message above after I ran the macro. If I understand it correctly, I could only set up the local monitor when the website monitor has been added.

@alextaxanalysts - The “Prohibido” message appears to be an error message.

When recording and editing the macro, is the visual recorder able to replay the steps and navigate to the target page correctly?

That is correct. The macro runs smoothly, also in the replay mode. The cookie window only appears AFTER the add a webpage monitor was launched and then was ran on that monitor to identify the relevant things to monitor.

Can you export and share the macro’s JSON?

Note that the screenshot shared earlier is not a cookie popup but an error page denying access to the page. The key will be to find out the reason and then solve that.

Please see the macro attach
Mexico Tax Tribunal 2022-2026-e01a7710-3e09-11ee-87af-37cf8c8f9ca7.json (795 Bytes)

I am able to reproduce this error. It is intriguing because the macro recorder is able to replay it everytime but the selector is not. We will look into this and get back to you. Thanks!

@alextaxanalysts - a fix for the bug has been deployed today. Can you reload the Watchlist and try using the macuo in visual selector now?

Thanks, it works now, perfect!