Constantly getting alerts on several pages

I’m new to distill. Looks like a great tool!

I have a few monitors set up for pages on Costco com. There’s products I want to see when they get back in stock. I am logged in to my account.

I will frequently get alerts on these pages that aren’t accurate - the page hasn’t changed.

Like this page:

When I go there, it shows the product, then in a second or 2 it changes to product not available (with the same URL).

I set the delay in the config to 5 seconds. And I have it checking every 10 seconds. I save, close chrome, reopen and i will still get those alerts occasionally. Sometimes none for a couple hours then other times it’s a bunch in a short time. I’ve left it open overnight and there’ll be a few dozen tabs. yes, I am not there to be sure there were no changes, but they’ve said they don’t add inventory overnight.

  1. Is there a way to post the configuration details for each monitor to show what I am watching on the page?

  2. Where are the config data stored on the PC? (Win 10 Pro).

  3. I am on the free plan. I set the monitors to email, but I don’t get anything in my inbox. I verified my email address.

  4. is there a complete log showing all the triggered activity for all the monitors?


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Welcome to the community forum, @profrabinow.

Unfortunately, I can’t look into the page because it needs a login. Can you please share a screenshot of what the change history shows as detected changes?

Monitors can be exported in JSON format. Please see How to Export and Import Monitors? – Distill for more details. You can export and share the JSON file here.

The log of email notifications can be viewed at