Conditions with Multiple Differences

Hi, how do conditions work against an event where multiple separate parts of the pages changed at the same time? I have been trying to use regular expressions to match against the parts, but I haven’t been able to understand what the condition is trying to be matched against

Is the regular expression matched against each individual change or are all of the changes concatenated first? If the later, are they delimited by some character when concatenating them?

For example, in a webpage for an online store, let’s say the format for the item prices for several items changed from "Our Price: " to "Sale Price!!: ". Since these changes happened for several separate items in the same page, the text diff will show several highlighted chunks, not just one large chunk. If I wanted to make a condition to check that only "Sale Price!!: " was added (and not some other kind of change), how would I construct a condition to check for this? I have tried “^\sSale\sPrice!!:\s$” and “^(\sSale\sPrice!!:\s)+$”

Thank you

Great question!

We recently add a feature that lets you see if a change history triggered notifications.

Clicking the bell icon open a modal with more details. It shows text, added text, and deleted text that is used for evaluating conditions. Additionally, it will show the result of conditions as well.

They are evaluated against the concatenated value. They are delimited by space character.

Can you share a few examples of the changes to make it clearer? Thanks!