Conditions are true but no alert

Hi! I encountered a scenario where the conditions are true but no alerts triggered:

Any idea?

Can you check the following?

  1. Are there global conditions set? If yes, did that also evaluate to True?
  2. If yes, and actions like email or push notification are added, the action log should show more details. Check them out at

Let me know what you find out. Thanks!

Yup both global and local conditions are set. In thins scenario, only the local conditions suppose to first, since its True, right? :sweat_smile:

I have global action for push and email, both didnt fire in this case and there is no record in the log at this time period.

When both, global and local conditions are set, both needs to be true to trigger actions. Following screenshot shows the visual cue and message in Distill that shows if a particular change triggered a notification:

What is shown for the change that did not trigger any notification? Thanks!

When you say both global and local conditions are set, both needs to be true to trigger… i thought global conditions and local conditions are separate?

Correct me if im wrong - global conditions are what applies for all monitors, local conditions are applicable for specific monitors that are configured with those local conditions. In my case, see the screenshot i provided when i first posted, the condition evaluated True when a number is detected to be more than 100 but less than 5000, but no notification is trigger.

If referring to what you said, that both global and local must be true, means i must also configure a similar condition in the global portion too?

Global conditions apply to all monitors, just like how global actions do. If the global condition was present and didn’t evaluate to True, that would prevent notifications from being triggered.

So you are saying, both the global and local conditions must be true for a given scenario at the same time, then the notification will trigger and not just true in the local condition?

Yes, that is how it works.

i see. But isnt it weird. Shouldnt the global and local supposed to be mutually exclusive. Users might want a particular monitor to have different set of condition than the global one, that can trigger notification, like in my case… :face_with_monocle:

Note that the Global settings modal says:

used for all monitors and combined with each monitor’s conditions

This was a design decision that made sense for most users to start with.

This is a valid use case when such a need arises.

We don’t have a solution for this right now. We plan to support a feature that can make global conditions more configurable. One potential approach is to let one define a search filter. This filter can then be used to apply global conditions to matching monitors. There are more things to consider there but this is the gist of it.

Does that make sense?

I see. Definitely looking forward to this!

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