Condition for all numbers in a page

Hello good morning, I would need to be able to monitor a web page where I would need to know when some numbers are greater than 15, and notify me. The problem I have is that it notifies me when any of those numbers is greater than 15 and I would need it to notify me when all the numbers are greater than 15, and I can’t find that option

Hello @maatiasivan, thanks for reaching out and sharing your use case. Conditions like “has a number” apply to all numbers and evaluates to true if any one of them it true. It is not possible to select a specific number or a range (like all) of numbers to evaluate conditions.

Can you share an example of the data that is being monitored to understand the use case better?

I’m not sure if this will work, but I would try using the following regular expression:


This expression detects numbers in the range 15 to 19 (first segment), numbers in the range 20 to 99 (second segment) and numbers of at least three digits (third segment).

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