Combining Macro + css selector

Hi, so i want to monitor a page that has no main url. So i made a macro that clicks trough the pages until i get to the page i want. (site is Herenkapper Stone)(macro export:Untitled (h0e4i75w) -
Macro does following:

  1. Goes to url
  2. Waits 5sec
  3. Click on first option (haircut)
  4. Waits 5 sec
  5. Click on first option (haircut)
  6. Wait 5 sec
  7. Scroll on the calendar so whole calendar is visible
  8. Wait 2sec

Now i want to add a visual selector so i can see when a day becomes available if days are unavailable they are red, otherwise they are green(you can see this in the next month as an example).

So i made a new monitor selected SCC selector and used “.r-peppx5” for green (.r-1fa8pj9 is red), but i get an error everytime the macro runs.

Error code

Macro playback failed
timed out waiting for element a~ * div:first-child a img
Error evaluating expression: ["click",["selector",{"meta":{},"type":"css","value":"a~ * div:first-child a img"}],{"x":78.5,"y":53.5},{"frame":0}]
Error evaluating statement: "click", at Position: [2]

Where did i do something wrong please, i just want to know when a day becomes available?
Thanks in advance

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Hello @everlast_18, welcome to the community forum and making your first post!

Regarding the issue, I think your steps are good. Can you checkout the error details (click “View Details” in log)? It captures and shows the page’s snapshot when the error was triggered. The main thing to look for is if the page loaded has the expected content.

Let me know what you find out. Thanks!

Oh, i didnt know that; it captures the loading icon + loading icon (blue circle).
You see it briefly when visiting the site above.

Chrome opens up a tab when it’s doing the macro but i checked the tab and there everything looks normal, so i thought the site loaded normally. Apparently it does not.

It looks like the page did not load completely. Are you using a local monitor with a macro? If yes, can you try using a cloud monitor or the desktop app to see if any of those work work?

Let me know what you find out. Thanks!