Cloudflare security check (dynamic content) doesn't work with the last desktop app (v3.8.8)

since the last update version 3.8.8-beta of Desktop app for Windows 10, Cloudflare security check (dynamic content) doesn’t work so the app can’t check changes.

Because of Cloudflare, desktop app cannot pass the step of “checking if site connection is secure”.

It’s work with v3.8.3-alpha


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Thanks for reporting this @aurelbdx. Can you share the URL that is specifically having this issue?

I don’t think I can share the URL on the forum because the site is not very legal :frowning:
Maybe in private?

Sorry, I won’t checkout the URL if it is illegal. Do let me know if you have any other URL that exhibits a similar behavior. I will look into others to see what we can find out.

Ok thanks, I totally understand