Clearing unread / error entries in the watchlist page

I’m new to distill but it is great!

Over time, I get several entries in the unread and error categories in the watchlist.

At first I’d check the box and choose delete (I was thinking this is a notice of a change on a page, not the monitor itself). Then have to get them out of the trash.

what’s the right way to acknowledge these entries? I click on the name of the monitor, the page loads… but that doesn’t reset the counter on the error pages.

Any advice?


Reading a monitor by viewing changes marks a monitor as read. Check out Change history and highlighted changes – Distill.

When a check encounters an error, the monitor is flagged with error. The error flag is cleared when the most recent check for a change succeeds. It can be cleared manually too from the log menu. Check out How to view logs of checks? – Distill to learn more about how to view the log menu and troubleshoot errors.

Feel free to reach out if you need any help resolving the errors.