Chrome PC - does not allow local browser as device for checks

Strange new issue, basically I can only select “Cloud - Distill’s Servers (this device)” in the devices list, which makes no sense.

Chrome on Mac fine. This issue started 3 days ago.

Tried restarting, re-installing plugin, updated Chrome, clear cache, no luck. I can’t select my local browser for checks anymore.


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thanks for reporting the issue. can you share a screenshot of the device dropdown to show what it looks like? this is what is looks like in my case:

Sure thing, this is what I am seeing:


And none of the “Google Chrome” selections appear to be working. I am logged in on multiple machines and they have sync on if that matters, maybe the DB file is corrupt? But I have removed and re-added the extension a few times.

this screenshot is from the webapp at (notice the suffix “this device” after the device name). is the distill’s extension installed in the current browser? you can access that by clicking its icon in browser toolbar and clicking “go to watchlist”. this will open the extension’s watchlist. it can be used to check monitors locally.

can you try this out and let me know if you face any issues?

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I have also encountered this vulnerability many times, the reason may be that the plugin is not loading normally, try to log out, uninstall the plugin, reinstall the plugin, and it should be successful

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