Chrome extension stop cheking locally

Hi there,
I have been using distill with chrome extension on multiple devices for a year now. It worked fine but in the past two weeks multiple issues started popping up:

  • When I open the watchlist from the extension popup, sometimes it stuck at the loading page.
  • I have one device checking around 5000 monitors locally, it worked well. But now it would stop checking without any warnings unless I relaunch chrome.
  • Some monitors are set to unread automatically after I have read them.
  • The frequency of checks are not keep up with settings.
    Does anyone here have similar issues or any idea what might be the cause?
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Hello @Steyn, thank you for reporting the issue here in forums.

For some context we are working on some core updates to the extension to adhere to the new extension guidelines provided by Chrome for newer Chrome versions.

Could you share the version of the extension in the thread so that we can confirm it’s the new changes that might be causing these issues?

As for the error, will you be able to share any error messages that popup on the Chrome Developer console (you can open it using the right click menu on the page or by using the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + I for Windows and Cmd + Option + I for MacOS`) ?

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Hi @jayakrishnan, thanks for the reply.
My current extension version is 3.9.15.
there is no error message for popup.html, however there are some in inbex.html and background.html.

could these errors potentially cause the issues?


the “no tab with id” errors are logged only after a check is completed successfully and tab used for the check is closed. it is benign and doesn’t affect the checks.

have you considered using the desktop app to see if it works better for your use case @Steyn?

Same thing happen to me, im using distill for years and since one week their big problems, on windows and mac, i tried with opera, opera gx, chrome, chromium, brave, thorium…and everytime the local checking stop working after few minutes or hours, and i have to relaunch, so annoying.

Someone know how to get an old distill version without update ? everytime i download an old one, the app auto update…

@madokaloll, can you try updating the extension to the latest version and see if it works better for you? this version has now been upgraded to support manifest version 3 as required by chrome by june.

I have deleted and reinstall distill, so i suppose i have the last version ? but the problem still happening, its completly random, sometime that stop after 1 hour, sometime after 10 hours.

I don’t do anything in particular, I don’t browse or anything, I only use distill on the browser.

I deleted all cookies and just in case, installed a new browser and same problem.

I don’t seem to have any problems with the application, but I don’t really like using it, I prefer the extensions.

can you go to chrome://extensions and double check the version? it should be 3.10.3.

my enviroment doesn’t cheking locally. same.

Help I have been using this for so long and now I’m paying yet I never had issues now I do and I couldn’t get what I wanted. I get a message like this after a bit and it doesn’t go. How do I fix, we cleaned it up, restarted, and updated

please double check the extension and chrome versions to make sure that they are latest. the latest extension version is 3.10.3.

Yes it is, we did that just a day or so ago

Never had an issue in the past

distill migrated to manifest version 3 starting from 3.10.* releases. there was a bug in version 3.10.2 that resulted in the 404 - error as shown in your screenshot. version 3.10.3 fixed that. we are unable to reproduce that in the latest version.

can you please follow instructions in Chrome extension - Watchlist not loading - #9 by ajitk and share what you find out?

Yes even with the last version 3.10.5 (on mac and windows), distill stop checking afters few minutes or hours, i need to launch the browser again or check on/off on the monitor.

The old version work perfectly but after 1-2 days its auto update :frowning:

can you please check the background page’s console to see if there is any unhandled error in version 3.10.5+?

Hello, how can i check the background page console ? i didn’t find it, i have update 3.10.6 and still problem :frowning:

@madokaloll Please check out Chrome extension - Watchlist not loading - #9 by ajitk for the steps to check background page’s console.