Change Notifications / Change History under 'Unread'

On the Mozilla Firefox Watchlist, is there a way to keep a recorded change notification available for longer than until the system performs the next change check? When a change occurs, a change notification briefly appears under ‘Unread’, but only for a very short period of time—it is removed the moment the system performs the next change check, WITHOUT having been read (nor are the missed notifications transferred to the ‘Error’ or ‘Trash’ folder). This means I often miss notifications, especially when I am away from the computer; when I return to the computer there is NOTHING to indicate that a change has been recorded. Can the settings for ‘Unread’ be changed? If not, does Distill for Firefox have the functionality to look up the ‘change history’ in some other way?


If conditions are added:

  • When a change is detected that matches the condition, the monitor will be marked as unread.
  • If a subsequent change is detected that does not match the condition, the monitor will be marked as read.

Can you verify if any conditions have been added?

If no conditions are added, the monitor will be marked as unread for any change until you read it.

Yes, I do use conditions.

As the webpage I try to monitor undergoes VERY FREQUENT change (every few minutes or so), but only VERY RARELY the change that matches the condition (only once every 48 hours or so), it appears that the monitor is marked as ‘Unread’ for only a few minutes at best each time before the recorded change (that matches the condition) is removed (namely at the next change that does NOT match the condition).

This means there is almost never enough time to spot that a change (that matches the condition) has taken place, which completely defeats the purpose of monitoring the webpage.

I wonder whether Distill has a record of PAST / HISTORIC changes (that MATCHED the condition), or whether all records of such changes are IMMEDIATELY AND IRRETRIEVABLY lost the moment a change (that does NOT match the condition) is detected (ie within minutes, in my case).

If not, then a feature change that keeps all changes (that match the condition) listed under ‘Unread’ until they have ACTUALLY been read would be extremely useful. How else would I even know that a change (that matches the condition) has taken place, unless I sit at my computer all day long, which I don’t?