Change Notification Contents Summary

I am just wondering if it is possible to change the desktop notification contents when a change is detected. Currently, it outputs all of the text in the specified div but I would only like it to output any text that has been added.


Currently it is not possible to customize the preview in notifications.

We have had internal discussions to make the preview better, out of the box. Some of the things to consider are cases when there is no added text, or added text is very small (like a single character) or the added alone doesn’t provide enough context to be meaningful. That shows that it is important to keep surrounding context to make it meaningful. Another recently introduced approach is to use an LLM to summarize the change to make is succinct and to the point.

We are still figuring it out. We hope to have something much in Q2 this year. Cheers!

Have you considered allowing users to choose between outputting all the text or only text that has been added rather than only having one option?

We aren’t considering a customizable option for this request.

By default the push notifications on Android are not very helpful. The notification text is whatever is at the top of the text selection.

The notification should display added text. Is it possible to do this? I get dozens of notifications for the same page and I have to open each one to see what has actually been added.

How can I get all notifications to show added text in the message?


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@sleegoo check out the comment #2 that applies to push notifications on iOS and Android too. We plan to create a summarized description with a focus on describing the change based on its context.

That would be more helpful. I still think that having an option to just show the added text as the notification would be helpful for a large number of use cases. I’m not sure how you coded the backend, but I assume you have the added text stored within a class or variable. Could it be as simple as a checkbox to override, and then replace the default notification preview with the added text?

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Adding a checkbox as a quick solution is an easy task. We commonly do that when it is judged to be the best or a very good solution. Sometimes, the quick fixes make it harder to change them later to a better solution. So, we make sure to understand the underlying need and different scenarios to handle. We then design a solution and choose a default that makes sense for most users.

In this feature request, the need to understand the change in a short summary is clear. We will solve it. It is going to take some time to design and build. But it will be worth the effort and wait :slight_smile: