Can't interact with a form with a macro


I try to use macro to fill this form : Prendre RDV en ligne avec Docteur Anaïs Marchal, Dermatologue à Toulouse (Métro B La Vache)
But i can’t write data on field.

Do you have suggestion ?

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@tnor thanks for sharing your use case and reporting the issue. Is the main issue with entering values in the appointment date field?

@cobramonk lets look into this and see how we can create a macro for filling up this form.

Yes in every field i can’t input things recorded by the recording tools

Got it, thanks. I will get back to you with a macro in a couple of days with a solution.

@tnor I was able to record a macro. I have exported and and attached the file here. appointment-4cf7466e-0962-11ef-8960-c7dc824c8113.json (1.6 KB)

Can you download and import it into your macro list? “Import Macro” button as shown below to import it.

Once imported, click “Open Recorder” to view and edit the recording. I have added default values to be filled in the form fields. Change them to desired values by clicking the default values and entering the values you need. I have highlighted the value to click in the following image:

Once you have edited the values, replay the macro to check if it works as expected. Once don, click “Save”. You can now use this macro in a monitor.

Please note that we added a new fill step today. This is currently only available for cloud monitors. So you should set the monitor to run in cloud. We will be updating the extensions and the desktop app shortly.

Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you need help or face any issues.

Happy Friday. Cheers!