Cannot create webpage monitors

Im trying to create webpage monitors for diffrents sites but it seems that the visual selector is loading for ever.
Turning off the visual selector give me an error: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘addOverlay’)”

@amitn usually a forever loading progress bar for the visual selector indicates that the browser is not able to connect to the remote browser. this is usually because of a firewall. is this likely in your network?

to cross check, open the browser’s devtools to view connection errors. remote browsers are served from * let me know what you find out.

@ajitk Thanks!
This was the issue and now I solved it.
If its possible, I have another issue.
When Im adding a PDF monitor, I get the following error: " Code: ERR_PDF_PARSE


Error converting PDF to HTML"

Thanks again!

the pdf parsing error can be encountered when distill didn’t get a valid pdf file after the download. this can usually happen when the server returns a webpage or other content instead of the actual pdf. can you share the pdf url? i will check it out and let you know what i find out.

@ajitk Sure.

Thank you very much.

Hi @ajitk
Did you manage to find something?
Thanks in advance!

the server currently returns a 403 response back when downloading the pdf file. i am experimenting with a few approaches. will let you know if it works later this week. cheers!

we have deployed a solution and it should work now. can you try again? cheers!

@ajitk Seems to work now
Thank you very much!