Can I use the same macro with different/variable type texts

I have a monitor that leverages a macro that works great with a “text1” that I input in a webpage field before the macro clicks in submit.

Can I repurpose the same macro in a 2nd monitor, but performing the same task but with “text2” in the field?

I want to be able to reuse the same macro for different texts that I want to check.


Not yet @luchazo . It will be possible to parameterize values in a macro very soon. We will announce it once it is available. Cheers!

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Thanks @ajitk !
That’d be a great addition, even if values are part of a short, manual list (But even greater, if values are taken dynamically from a local or cloud CSV file).
BTW, the best way would be to have the Monitor to load the parameters from an external file, with the option to loop all values in the same monitor.