Can i track a google calendar

I’m trying to track a Google Forms Calendar, to see when a date becomes available. Note that the forms isn’t mine. The calendar only comes up on the second page of the forms after you enter an email and such. Does this make it so i cant track the calendar?

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@engestijn It should be possible to monitor the calendar to track events. Though it could be slightly tricky to create more stable selectors.

Do you have a link to the page showing the calendar?

Thanks for the screenshot. Can you share the URL?

No set of options I choose seems to show any calendar for me (presumably because of the 401 Unauthorized error). Does it require some kind of login? When you do get the calendar as you showed above, has that changed the URL?

You might want to look into Macros to get you to where you need to be: Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions – Distill

yes the site requires a login, i think thats the problem. the url does not change

Then you’ll almost certainly need to use a macro. If you’re using an extension in a browser you can likely skip the login portion as long as you log in from time to time in the browser, but you’ll still need a macro to select the correct options in the dropdown.

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