Can I get the urls of the hyperlinked text when I export data or when it comes through via the API

I’m not sure whether this feature exists already, but I would like to extract the urls of changed content on webpages.

An example of what I mean is as follows.

I monitor a webpage that lists various regulations. Each regulation is hyperlinked, so that when I click the title, it redirects to another page where I can see the full text article. See below:

When a new regulation is added to the sieve, it will look something like this:

I would like to be able to see the specific url of the new regulation when I import the sieve as a CSV file. Is this possible at the moment?

there are two ways to get the hrefs:

  1. fetch the monitored html using the api. the html will contain the href attribute that can be parsed out.
  2. or, monitor the href attribute. check out: the monitor’s text will then contain the href which can be read via api or be exported using csv.