Can Distill monitor China's Taobao website?

The website is Because its prices are not fully displayed, each option requires clicking to reveal the price.

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It should be possible to click elements on the page using a macro. Can you please share a URL and a screenshot of the page to show what needs to be clicked on the page? I went to a product page but wasn’t sure what to click to display the price. I thought that the price was already displayed on the page.

Thank you very much for your response!
The website is:
In this website, there is only one location displaying the price, but there are many types of products. Each time you click on a product, the price will change. If you don’t click on any product, it will show the maximum and minimum values for all products.

Based on the description, a macro should be able to perform a click or perform multiple actions as needed. The page’s state at the end of the macro can be monitored for changes.

Following is a screenshot of what I see when opening the URL:

Can you share a screenshot of what you see and what elements to click in the page?