Can Distill monitor auction sites?

I tried to create a monitor on yahoo auctions with a URL of:
But I get an error and NA.
Is there anything I can do to make it work?

It should be able to monitor any website that can be opened in the browser. Let me check it out and get back to you. Thanks!

Thanks. Any progress?

I was not able to reproduce the timeout:

Did you try using a local or a cloud monitor?

Thanks for the reply. I am using a monitor called “Google Chrome” which I presume is a local monitor.

What is the difference between “Google Chrome” and “Google Chrome (This Device”)? It looks like the latter one might work ok.

The “… (this device)” indicates that the device running the checks and the Watchlist belong to the same device. Checkout Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill learn more about it.

Can you try using the desktop and see if the works better in your case? You download it from Web Monitoring Apps | Distill

Hi Ajit
Thanks for the reply.
I’m currently having no errors using Google Chrome (This Device).
I will also try out the desktop app.
I hope my question and your answers help others.
Best regards