Bulk Remove Watches from a Label

I can select multiple items and click the
image to add the items to a label, but if they are already attached to that label it doesn’t remove them.

How can bulk remove items from a label?

This is not possible yet using the UI. It is in our list of things to do in this quarter. Thanks for asking!

In case this helps, I think a good workflow for this would be as follows:

1 User Selects Multiple Watchlist Items
2 User Selects a Label from the Toolbar
3 IF Selected Items are Members of Label {
4     Remove Label from Items
5 }
6 ELSE {
7     Add Label to Items
8 }

Since you already have lines 1-3, & 7 implemented, hopefully adding the IF ELSE & LINE 4 wouldn’t require much work.

Gmail’s way of editing labels is pretty good.

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Gmail’s implementation of label editing would be even better. My suggestion will to allow you to add some easy functionality already based on how you have labels working currently. It would be better to add the simple function to remove labels now, compared to waiting 1 or 2 quarters to completely change how labels are assigned.

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