Bulk Importing sieves

I have a long list of sieves to import, I find that the performance is slow for this function. Is there another way to do it for 10k+that would offer an improvement, beyond the built function of clicking import json.
I thought it possible to access to sqtable directly, but am unsure how to access if possible.

@jnicolas importing 10k monitors should take a couple of hours. It could be faster depending on the location. If you need it to be faster, you do that by splitting the file into smaller blocks of 2k monitors each and import them concurrently using different devices/PCs. Different tabs in the same browser could work but I haven’t tested it. The 10k monitors can then be imported within 30 minutes. Will that work?

I believe my issue was the chrome extension was loading the monitor, then syncing for each monitor before continuing with the next one. importing without authorizing the network connection let me import at a much more respectable rate (1/s) rather than (1/30s).

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thanks for the update, @jnicolas. performing offline import using the extension is a good idea. sync can happen in the background later.

that being said, 1 monitor taking 30s is not expected under normal circumstances. did you notice the speed slow down with time or was it slow from the very first monitor being imported?